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Rigid Aluminum Conduit Applied for Home and Construction

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Haimei Rigid Aluminum Conduit and Accessories are manufactured from 6063 Aluminum alloy, listed by Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Electrical Metal Conduit – Aluminum Bronze & Stainless Steel, UL6A.( certify No.E310429). Rigid Aluminum Conduit is shipped with a coupling on one end and a color-coded thread protector on the other end . Color-coded end caps keep threads clean and sharp and help provide trade size recognition. Please find Rigid Aluminum Conduit features as below:

1.  Light Weight: Rigid Aluminum Conduit is approximately one third weight of the steel

2. Corrosion Resistant: Aluminum resists most corrosive atmospheres in industrial environments (corrosion, moisture, and physical damage)

3.  Easy To Install: Aluminum Conduit can be easily cut ,bent and threaded without special tools

4.  Low Maintenance: Aluminum Conduit does not corrode or leave discoloring streaks and stains .

5.  Non-sparking: Aluminum Conduit is non-sparking, eliminating a hazard in explosive atmospheres.

6.  Nonmagnetic : Aluminum Conduit reduces power loss due to voltage drop ,resulting in power savings throughout the life of installation.

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